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Fort Irwin: The US Army wouldn't let me take a picture with the tank or the helicopter. So I had to take one with an empty mountain.


Over the past nine years working as both a Producer and in post production, I have been an integral part of productions for Sony, Universal Studios Theme Parks, over a dozen independent features, and the award-winning PBS show, Pati’s Mexican Table. Between an early career as a stuntman and filming combat training videos for the US Navy & Air Force, I have cultivated a critical eye for action storytelling. Additionally, I've spent the last eight years working in commercial marketing, serving in both the general and latin markets. I cofounded the international distribution company MCTV, delivering indie films to five different continents. Most recently, I joined the team at Red Bull TV as the Post Production Manager.


I have a reputation for producing high quality, cost-efficient productions and an ability to balance artistic storytelling with commercial interests.

Also, I worked briefly at Medieval Times. If you need someone to joust and/or fall off a horse, I am good at that as well.

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